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Service Industry Job Opportunities For 2019

Employment Alerts 19 February, 2019

Not surprisingly, the service industry is evolving rapidly as technological advancements progress. Customer service jobs can be highly rewarding for persons who enjoy using their expertise and knowledge to assist others. The following service job roles are expanding and will require more personnel in 2019.

Financial Services

As the economy improves, advice, guidance and information related to investments and finances will be in greater demand. In addition to the financial services industry, financial adviser positions within corporations will also be available in companies that provide these valuable services to their staff.

Technical Support

Not surprisingly, demand for workers who can provide technical support for electronic products and networks will grow. If you are technologically inclined and enjoy assisting people with problems in tech related areas, you’ll have no problem finding work in this area.

From smartphones and tablets to computers, peripherals and smart appliances, skilled technicians will be in demand to assist users with troubleshooting issues and getting devices and systems running optimally again. Demand for these roles is increasing in both the consumer and B2B space.

Specialised Sales Reps

Sales representatives have been around in some form since there have been products to sell. However, specialised knowledge related to technology will be required going forward in many cases. The most successful sales reps tend to be genuinely passionate about the items or services they are selling, so align with a product or company you truly believe in.

Service jobs can be among the most enjoyable and rewarding of any avenue of employment. The evolution of the marketplace and advancement of technology is increasing demand for specialized customer service. If you enjoy assisting others and have specialised skills or knowledge in the areas described here, a job in the service industry just might be the right career move for you.