Career Advice

Preparing Yourself For The Job Search

Employment Alerts 18 March, 2019

Whether you’re leaving an old position in search of a new one, or looking for your first job after school, looking for employment is a major undertaking, and it requires a certain attitude adjustment and some common-sense preparation. Whatever your situation, whether it be a fresh start or a new start, here are four fundamental steps you can take to get ready.

Reevaluate Your Goals

Now is the time to honestly assess where you want to go with your career and your life, and what you need to do to get there. It’s easy to take the safe route of course, but if you want to realize your ambitions, now is the time to do it. Do you need to relocate? Go back to school? Look for work in an entirely new industry? Give it some serious thought now before you get stuck somewhere you don’t really want to be.

Remake Your Image

Take a fresh look at all the things that make up your professional image. You might want to buy a new wardrobe, update and rewrite your CV and cover letter, or change your social media presence, anything you use to present yourself to a potential employer. Perhaps ask your friends for their opinions.

Review Your Network

Take a hard look at your contact list. Do you have old and outdated names and numbers in there? Which ones will be the most likely to help you achieve your present goals? A revamped network can be your most valuable job search asset.

Organize Your Workspace

You probably have an office area in your home, and if you’re like most people it gets cluttered up pretty quickly. Getting it organized will help you to both mentally and practically prepare for the job search.

You’re starting a whole new chapter in your life, prepare yourself to meet it, and you’ll surely be successful.