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Career Tips for a New Generation

Employment Alerts 17 January, 2019

We all grew up listening to our parents and grandparents talk about their jobs. You may have been pretty tuned out as a kid or teen to this talk, but some of their career talk seeped in a little. There are certain long held ideas about jobs, careers and job searches that we all believe, despite the fact that times have changed so drastically. You may even have an older person in your life today giving you bad, outdated career advice. Regardless of how well meaning they are, you need to be able to identify outdated advice when you see it. Here are a few pieces of outdated career advice that will likely not help you much today.

Avoid Job Hopping at All Costs

When your grandparents and even your parents were getting their first jobs, job hopping may have been looked down on. That was an era where people hired into a company and retired from that same company 40 years later. That is a rarity today. In fact, when job recruiters are considering candidates today, they love to see diversity. It should be noted that diversity on your resume which is the result of getting fired multiple times is not what we are talking about, but rather healthy, conscious moves from one company to another. This helps the hiring manager see that you can function in different environments and you are flexible. So don't be afraid to take a job that you don't see yourself in forever. It's okay to move around a little today.

Get a College Degree and You Can Have Any Job You Want

Our parents and grandparents meant well when they were encouraging us to seek higher education. However, the idea that a college degree promises you your dream job, right out of college, is absolute fiction. You certainly do need a degree for most professional positions, but think about it, all of the other applicants also have a degree. The degree is not what makes you special. The degree only just gives you the bare minimum qualifications. It will be your personality, your networking and your ability to work as a team. You need to be developed as a person and as an employee in addition to the degree.

You are searching for a job in a whole new world and economy. Learning what employers are looking for beyond the degree is the best way to land the job you want.