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5 Interview Warning Signs that You Don’t Want That Job

Employment Alerts 15 May, 2019

One of the best things about interviewing directly with your future boss is that you get to know exactly whom you’ll be working under. This gives you a unique insight into what your day to day work life will be like. It also gives you a way to identify warning signs that you might not want to accept that job offer.

1. Too Many Personal Questions

Small business owners may not correctly follow employment regulations. If your future boss is asking far too many personal questions instead of questions about your job qualifications, chances are you’ll be constantly re-drawing personal boundary lines if you work there.

2. High Job Turnover

Ask your interviewer how many people have held the position in the last five years. If it’s more than two, that indicates something very wrong with the job, the company culture or both.

3. Little to No Eye Contact

If your future boss won’t deign to make eye contact with you, imagine what it will be like working for him or her. You’ll probably be treated like a number, not a valuable person.

4. Negative Vibe From Other Employees

Sometimes on the way to the interview room you get to pass through the offices with existing employees. Take note of whether they greet your interviewer or if they glare at you. If you get a negative vibe from the other employees, it’s unlikely you’ll enjoy working there.

5. Disorganized Interviewer

If you get the feeling your interviewer is confused, disorganized or generally inept, you might want to pass on the job unless you feel like cleaning up somebody else’s messed up filing systems for the duration of your career.

Remember, just because you’re offered a job doesn’t mean you have to accept. If you got one job offer from a potentially bad employer chances are you’ll get more offers that are much more suited to your talents.