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3 Great Jobs For Travel Lovers

Employment Alerts 15 Mar, 2017

Have you ever dreamed about having a job that would take you away to exotic locales, experiencing strange and wonderful cultures, meeting new and interesting people, visiting places that you’ve only seen in pictures, having adventures with maybe just a pinch of danger thrown in, and making excellent money while you’re doing it? Well who hasn't?

Most people would say that’s just wishful thinking, that those kinds of jobs are only filled by the elite and lucky few. But the truth is that there are plenty of jobs and careers that involve frequent travel or a chance to live in foreign countries, that are completely accessible to anyone, and some don’t even require a college degree. Here are just a few options for travel lovers.

Photojournalist / Foreign Correspondent

If you’re a photography enthusiast who can take great pictures, or if you can write acceptably well, or both, then one of these careers might be for you. Travel websites, newspapers, and magazines are always looking for talent to cover overseas events and locales, and a degree isn’t necessary if you’re good.

Flight Attendant

Obviously a career that involves a lot of travel. If you enjoy working with people in a hospitality-oriented setting, this job can be highly rewarding. Most airlines have their own training program, usually only a few months long, and it doesn’t require a degree.

ESL Instructor

If you’d love to live and work in a foreign country, teaching English as a Second Language is a great way to do it. English teachers are in high demand all around the world, and salaries can be quite high. An English degree is preferable, but you can get a certification in ESL without one and that is usually enough.