Career Advice

What to Do When a Job Just Isn't Right for You

Employment Alerts October 12, 2021

You'll probably be content with most of the jobs you work in life. However, you'll come across some jobs that simply aren't for you. These jobs may have an unfavorable environment, unacceptable pay rate, lack of benefits, or something else that just doesn't jibe with you. These are some tips for handling that situation gracefully:

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3 Ways To Know It's Time To Quit Your Job

Employment Alerts September 9, 2021

Everyone gets frustrated with their job at times. There is a difference, however, between normal workday frustrations, and deep-seated dissatisfaction. Knowing that difference can be crucial to your overall career success and even your mental health. Quitting a job without thinking through it can be detrimental to your success and financial stability. However, staying at a job that is truly not right for you can also be detrimental. Let's look at three ways you can know that it is time to quit your job.

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Signs Your Job May Be Causing You Undue Stress

Employment Alerts August 10, 2021

Unresolved stress can lead to other problems. Some issues that can come from stress include insomnia, stomach ulcers, depression, and more. You may have to make some life adjustments if your job is causing you to suffer from stress. These are some signs that it may be doing that to you:

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Emotional Intelligence and How It Affects a Job Search

Employment Alerts July 12, 2021

There are so many factors that go into a successful job search. It can be easy to get lost in the details. Between getting your resume just right, networking, and actually applying for jobs, you might forget that your emotional health also plays a role. Let's look at how emotional intelligence can affect your job search.

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2 Ways to Succeed That You Didn't Learn in School

Employment Alerts June 9, 2021

Success is a mixture of so many factors. Some of these factors you have a lot of control over, and some of them you do not. Things like getting a good education and having the right connections can certainly play a crucial role in your long-term success. However, what about the intangible things that successful people all seem to have in common? Some of these intangible traits are a bit harder to pin down. Let's look at 2 ways to succeed in business that you never learned in school.

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