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What can a Person do with a Degree in Child Care?

Employment Alerts 15 Jan, 2018

When you go to college to earn a degree in child care, there are many career paths for you to follow. Most times, people with a degree in childcare actually have a degree in child education, meaning they can become teachers, daycare operators or teaching assistants. For now, though, let's take a quick look at three different career paths you can follow if you have a passion for working with children.

Preschool Director

With a degree in child education or child care, you can use your knowledge to operate a preschool. Many times, preschools are connected with larger educational institutions, like elementary schools. As a preschool director, you will be responsible for hiring teachers and daycare workers as well as overseeing the academic curriculum that is being taught.

Open Your Own Childcare Facility

Opening your own daycare is a great way to spend your time working with children while at the same time making a lot of money. In this line of work, you will get to decide how many hours you are open each day, with some daycare centers staying open 24/7. You will also be in charge of hiring workers to help you watch the children you are taking care of.


If you have a passion for sports, you can use your degree in childcare or child education to become a coach. You can choose for yourself which level of coaching you want to partake in, such as elementary coaching or on a high-school level.

The Takeaway

Childcare workers are the backbone to our country, helping raise the next generation. If you want to work with children, it is highly recommended that you get a degree in childcare or child education.