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Quick Yet Handy Communication Tips to Use at Work

Employment Alerts 12 June, 2018

Communication is something we use every single day at work and in our personal lives, yet few really master it. The advent of technology has made constant communication more acceptable, but phones and computers can also sometimes prevent meaningful exchanges.

Bettering your communication skills on the job will make you a more conscientious and thoughtful employee. Here’s how you can get started.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Handshake Skills

Just because you got a job doesn’t mean you should let your handshake skills lapse. If you’re meeting other higher-ups or potential clients at the office, you’re still going to want to wow them with your handshake.

  1. Get up and Chat Every Once in a While

If you wanted to reach out to your boss, you could call them, email them, or maybe even send them an instant message. Why get up from your desk?

You have to know which situations require a face-to-face chat and which can be dealt with over email. If you’re doing all your communicating online, it’s time to get up and walk over to someone’s office. Nothing beats a face-to-face conversation, and you get some exercise, too.

  1. A Little Eye Contact Goes a Long Way

When you are speaking with your boss, coworker, or anybody really, you should maintain eye contact. Yes, your phone is very distracting with its never-ending notifications, but it can wait. A confident communicator gives the speaker their full attention. This allows them to listen to what the speaker is saying without distractions.

  1. Speak in an Audible Tone

If you often feel you get overlooked during conference calls or board meetings, learn how to speak up. By increasing your tone, you can ensure you’re heard. Keep in mind that you’re not screaming, just talking somewhat louder and more firmly.

By following the above four tips, you will feel more confident when having conversations around the office, even with your boss and other higher-ups.