Career Advice

How to Upskill Yourself

Employment Alerts 18 September, 2018

As you learn new skills, you'll become and even more valuable employee. Alternatively, you can also use your new-found skills to find a better job or even start your own business. Here are some tried and proven ways to upskill yourself so you can reach your long-term career goals.

Set a Goal

Don't try to learn everything at once. Decide on short-term and long-term learning goals.

Decide What You Need to Do to Reach Your Goals

Once you know what your goals are, do some research to see what you will need to do in order to reach them. In some instances, you may need to take formal classes in order to earn additional certification. However, in many cases you can reach your upskilling goals by studying on your own at night and/or on the weekends. In other cases, you may need to practice using a particular program or piece of machinery on your own in order to gain proficiency.

Get Help

Don't be afraid to ask for help in learning a new skill. Perhaps a friend or colleague could provide needed training and advice while you, in return, help him or her in another way.

It's also wise to look for mentors in your network. A mentor can not only help you learn practical skills but also give good advice that will help you reach your long-term career goals.

Gain Experience

Practice your new skills as often as you can. If you can't do it at work, look for volunteer projects or part-time jobs that help you gain valuable experience.

Not all employers offer ongoing training so don't wait for your boss to provide upskilling opportunities that would help you become a better worker. With time, initiative and a bit of hard work, you can learn the skills you need to improve your work situation or even change careers later on.