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5 Exciting Jobs in the Travel Industry

Employment Alerts 12 Oct, 2017

If you love traveling or enjoy being in exotic destinations, why not get paid to live the lifestyle you want? Here is a list of five exciting jobs in the travel industry.

1. Travel Agent

To be a travel agent, you’ll need to be trained and get certified. But once you complete that, you’ll be able to become an expert on destinations around the world. In many cases, you might even get free travel and stays at luxurious hotels in exchange for recommending them to your clients.

2. Cruise Ship Crew

Cruise ships employ hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. No matter where you live or what language you speak, there’s a cruise ship job for you. You don’t need a university certificate, either. You can be a waitress, restaurant steward, cook, cleaner or even a live entertainer, and all while cruising the world and getting paid to do it.

3. Resort Activities Director

Are you a person who enjoys being active? Why not share your love of sports as an activities director at a resort? You can work in exotic places like Ibiza, Cancun, the French Riviera, and more, helping resort visitors to learn new sports and have fun.

4. Train Conductor

Passenger trains throughout the world hire train stewards and conductors to collect tickets and help passengers. Your journeys would all be on land, but you would get to see the world up close and personal with every ride.

5. Airline Host or Hostess

As an airline host or hostess, you would fly to destinations around the world and stay in hotels for free. Airline employees get many travel benefits for their own use as well, including discounts for family members.

Any of these jobs would be perfect for someone who likes to travel. Plus, they don’t require years and years of education, so you can begin right away!