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4 Top Job Search Tips For 2018

Employment Alerts 14 March, 2018
  1. Social Media Matters

Not surprisingly, social media has become a key promotional and recruitment tool for many businesses. However, it is also used in the screening and hiring process. Take steps to polish your existing social media profiles and clean them up as needed. LinkedIn is especially relevant to job seeking, networking and staying professionally connected.

  1. Build a Personal Brand

While making a good impression on social media is crucial to the modern job search, consider taking it to the next level by creating your own brand online. Your social media profiles should demonstrate some cohesiveness, even your personal accounts. Consider also creating a website that conveys who you are, what you do, your interests and short and long term goals.

  1. Create a Digital Resume That Tells a Story

Storing an updated copy of your resume online allows businesses and hiring managers to find you easily and keeps you in the running for relevant positions. Find ways to stand out from the crowd by adding multimedia elements such as photos, videos and other resources relevant to the jobs for which you will be applying.

  1. Reach Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Today’s hiring manager is drawn to applicants who reach beyond the skills and aptitudes required for a position. Allow your resume and online presence to show other dimensions of who you are, such as hobbies, passions or volunteer work you do. Nothing to list? Then consider branching out and diversifying your interests in relevant ways.

Today’s job market is full of opportunities, but taking advantage of advances in job search processes is essential to success. Use these four tips to help you land your dream job and start your next chapter.