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4 Great Jobs For Introverts

Employment Alerts 11 July, 2018

Experts believe that between one-third and one-half of all adults are introverts. Despite this, many industries maintain an extrovert-oriented approach, complete with open offices, meetings, and mixers. All this can be overwhelming for an introvert, who works best when left alone. The good news? Several professions still suit introverts, including the following:

  1. Graphic Design

While graphic designers need to communicate with clients and, on occasion, other employees, the actual work of designing is largely completed alone. According to experts, one-third of graphic designers are self-employed, allowing for even more solitary time. However, conventionally-employed designers can also carve out personal space, free of unwanted interaction.

  1. Accounting

If you thrive on your own and enjoy working with numbers, you're the perfect candidate for an accounting position. As an accountant, you could largely be left to yourself, depending on your position. While some degree of social skill is necessary, your natural introversion will help you concentrate for hours on your work.

  1. Engineering

One of the most stereotypically introverted careers, engineering appeals to solitary types. As with accounting, introversion is a definite strength for this career path. If you're also logical and detail-oriented, you're a shoe-in for this lucrative career.

  1. Technical Writer

If you have a way with words but prefer to write them rather than speak them, a career in technical writing could be in your future. While you will occasionally meet with editors or clients, you'll also enjoy long hours on your own. Introverts also do well as authors and in other writing-oriented careers.

Interviews and meetings can be a struggle for introverts, but other traits associated with this personality type can prove useful in the work world. Take some time to assess your strengths and weaknesses; the very traits that make you ill-suited to some professions could be your ticket to success in others.