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3 Best Ways to Spend Your Time In Between Jobs

When you’re in between jobs, it’s tempting to sit around the flat doing nothing but watching telly and eating crisps. After all, you deserve it, right? It’s definitely hard to job hunt, and you deserve a break from pounding the pavement. But there are better ways to spend your time that will actually help make you a better person and a more attractive job candidate.

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Finding a Job in a Tech-savvy World

When it comes to finding a job in today’s society, you may as well take it to the bank that you’ll need a variety of tech skills. From knowing how to perform basic computer operations to developing websites, there are a range of tech activities to be performed by any operating business. It is essential that at least one IT person be employed at any given time. In addition, all employees need to have basic tech skills. Here’s a quick look at a few ways you can sharpen your tech skills to be a better employee.

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What Is Your CV Lacking?

Have you been sending out CV after CV and still you keep getting thanks but no thanks? You may have overlooked one of these crucial points on your CV.

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How To Make Your Age Work For You

Age discrimination is a real problem in many fields. Older individuals who are conducting job searches can become easily discouraged when application after application gets turned down and younger individuals are hired. Age discrimination is hard to pinpoint, however, because potential employers can claim many different reasons for turning down an applicant. If you have experience age discrimination, though, you usually know it. There are, however, ways to combat this and make your age work for you.

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