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Handling the Post-Interview Wait

You believe that you aced the interview and that it’s only a matter of time before you get a call back for a second interview or for the job itself. However, days go by and you’re greeted with only silence. You begin to panic. Maybe you shouldn’t have answered that certain question the way you did, or maybe you should have given more examples from your last job on that other question. Maybe you didn’t make enough eye contact or gave a limp handshake at the end of the interview.

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What to Consider When Working from Home

Whether you chose a job that exclusively allows you to work from home or you telecommute a few days a week for your company, you may be enjoying the various perks, including the lack of a dress code, being at home more often, and more working flexibility. However, there are also a lot of distractions that could easily get the better of some employees and nip all productivity right in the bud. Therefore, before you decide whether working from home is for you, consider these various factors.

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Using Social Media for Job Search Success

Social media is for more than just catching up with old friends, classmates, and distant family members. It can also help you land your next job if you use it correctly. By utilizing sites like Twitter and Facebook, you can reach out to companies in new and inventive ways besides sending out your resume to a possible black hole.

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