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4 Signs of a Sexist Employer

You’ve sent out your CV and heard back from a promising employer. Unfortunately, you’ve also heard that this employer has a reputation for sexism in the workplace. It’s impossible to know for sure what you’ll encounter on the job, but you can get a good idea for the prevalence of sexism at a given workplace by watching for these four signs:

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How to Get a Promotion

The question of how to get a promotion is most likely on the minds of every single person who has a job of any kind. Many workers think that they have to work hard and keep winning after they get the job and spend some time on it. The truth is that a prospective candidate has to start working on a promotion before the employer hires him or her. Prospective employers know who they want to promote very early in the process. The following are three tips that can help you be one of the chosen ones:

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What To Do If You Need To Cancel An Interview

It happens to even the most diligent job seekers. You have an interview appointment for what could be your dream job, and an emergency has come up. You need to cancel your interview, but you’re afraid that a) they won’t believe your reason, and b) they won’t give you another chance, and c) you’ll stand no chance of hired there. What to do? Here’s how to cancel an interview so that you don’t miss out on the job interview.

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4 Tips for Making the Most of LinkedIn During Your Job Search

The digital world has revolutionised the way people find employment. From online job boards to multimedia resumes to using social media for networking, there are a variety of ways to connect with your ideal new employer.

One of the most popular online tools is LinkedIn. Are you making the most of this dynamic social media networking tool? Here are four tips to ensure that you are:

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