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3 Ways to Turn a Bad Interview Around

You know that feeling. When you’re in an interview and things are going downhill. The interviewer seems to have lost interest in you already, and the awkward silences are getting longer and longer. Don’t lose hope. All is not lost. Here are some tactics to turn a bad interview around. Read More →

5 Places To Find Great Seasonal Jobs

The warm months are finally here, the season to get outside and enjoy the great weather, and to pursue your favorite outdoor summer activities. It’s also a good time to find great temporary jobs in industries that mainly operate or do most of their business in the summer.

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3 Great Jobs For Travel Lovers

Have you ever dreamed about having a job that would take you away to exotic locales, experiencing strange and wonderful cultures, meeting new and interesting people, visiting places that you’ve only seen in pictures, having adventures with maybe just a pinch of danger thrown in, and making excellent money while you’re doing it? Well, who hasn’t?

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