Tips for Selling Yourself in an Interview (Even if You’re Not a Natural Salesperson)

One of the skills that you need during an interview is the ability to sell yourself. That can sound frightening to someone who is afraid of selling anything. By understanding the process, one can put themselves forward in an interview without feeling like a salesperson. Here are some tips for working on your sales pitch in any interview.

It’s About Supply and Demand

If you get called for an interview, it’s because you have certain skills that the employer needs. This creates a supply and demand situation, not unlike selling a product or service. Your job is to highlight for the interviewer what skills you currently have that will be beneficial to them. Depending on where you are in your career, you can approach this conversation a number of ways:

1. Explain that you’re a student and are learning skills that are currently needed at the company. Emphasize that you are eager to make use of those skills to do good things for the company.

2. Point out the years of experience that you have using your current skills and that you have become an expert at adapting them to the needs of a business.

3. Note that while you do have the skills the position requires, you are continually looking for ways to improve them and find new techniques to become more efficient.

Any one of these approaches tells the interviewer that you will be a valuable asset to the business. Sharing these points indicates that you are capable, dependable and adaptable. Even if you feel as if you have no sales ability, these conversational approaches can naturally convey that you will be a good choice now and an employee that will continue to grow with the company.