Major Trends That Are Influencing the Job Market

Whether you are deciding on a major, about to graduate or are looking to make a career change, finding your next path can be challenging. The job market is continually influenced by societal trends and economic factors. Here are some of the biggest ones to watch:

Rapid Innovation in Technology

Continual innovation in the technology industry ensures the need for workers to train on, install and run the new machines and equipment required to keep things running smoothly. This includes Internet infrastructure, which is being overhauled to accommodate a range of new devices. IT professionals who are skilled in installation, networking, and support will be in high demand.  

Caring For the Retirement Set

There is a large generation of people that are headed toward retirement. This generation has had good health longer than any other and has stayed in the job market longer than their predecessors. However, as they retire, they will require more specialized medical care. Openings in the health care field will present themselves accordingly in areas such as assisted living and social work. Physical therapists will also be in high demand.

Child Care Considerations

With an increasing number of households where both parents work, the demand for skilled child care professionals will continue to increase. This includes both individual employees and management to run the companies that oversee child care workers. Pre-kindergarten facilities are also surging in popularity.

The Need For Distributed Work

Today’s workplaces are increasingly being set up in smaller offices across the country and around the world. These satellites are effectively connected by sophisticated infrastructure and information networks, allowing companies to succeed with multiple locations. The need for specialists that can thrive in these situations will continue to be high.

The job market is continually influenced by economic and societal trends. Consider these movements while making decisions about your future career path.