How to Cut Expenses in Between Jobs

When you’re living off savings and don’t know when your next paycheck will be, managing money is essential. Here’s how to cut expenses down to almost nil.

1. Downgrade or Eliminate Television Subscriptions

If you subscribe to cable or satellite telly, you can call your service company and have them downgrade or remove your service temporarily. This has the added benefit of giving you fewer distractions during your job hunt.

2. Use the Kettle Instead of the Boiler for Delph

The boiler has to heat up a lot more water than you need, whereas you can boil just a small bit of water in the kettle to do the washing up after meals. Reserve the boiler for your morning shower only, and you’ll save buckets of money.

3. Buy Bulk Food

You’ll save more if you buy family sized packages of things like chicken and beef and eating it for a week instead of stopping at the shops every day to purchase single portions.

4. Plan Transportation Ahead

Taxis are too dear, and will quickly eat through your savings. Plan your trips to interviews well ahead of time so you can walk, bicycle or take the tube to your destination and back home.

5. Give Your Clothes TLC

Don’t be tempted to go out with friends in your interview suit or dress. Interview clothes should be taken off and hung up immediately after you get back from your interview. This will save loads on dry cleaning and the laundry bills.

6. Avoid Going Out to Pubs

Of course, you need some fun to keep your spirits up, but drinks at the pub are too rich for your current budget. Consider going to a friend’s house for drinks, or entertain them at your flat, instead.