Do’s and Don’ts for Enjoying Happy Hour with Your Coworkers

Your colleagues have asked you to have a drink with them after work. Congratulations. This is a great opportunity to bond outside of the office. That said because alcohol will be involved, you do have to be smart.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for happy hour with your coworkers.

Do attend. There’s no need to be nervous. Spending happy hour among work colleagues is a common occurrence today. The connections you make now could help your career down the line.

Don’t talk about work the whole time. You’re allowed to loosen up and show your personal side. Discuss hobbies, activities, friends, and family.

Do make sure you don’t delve into very personal topics, though. As a rule of thumb, avoid talking about sex, religion, and politics.

Don’t talk badly about your boss or any coworkers. This can backfire horribly. You never know who might say something once you’re all back in the office. If you don’t have anything nice to say, save the conversation for when you’re at home.

Do have a drink. It would be odd for you to go to happy hour and not consume any alcohol. Nurse your drink if you’d prefer.

Don’t drink to excess. If you’re feeling buzzed, it’s time to dial it back. You should never get drunk with your coworkers. Again, you can’t be sure what you may say or how you may behave, which can be dangerous for your career.

Do go out regularly if invited. If your coworkers want to make happy hour a weekly occurrence and you genuinely enjoy their company, go for it.

Don’t do happy hour every single night. There is such a thing as a limit, and you don’t want to consume a lot of alcohol when you have to go to work the next morning.