5 Places To Find Great Seasonal Jobs

The warm months are finally here, the season to get outside and enjoy the great weather, and to pursue your favorite outdoor summer activities. It’s also a good time to find great temporary jobs in industries that mainly operate or do most of their business in the summer.

Most employers whose businesses expand during the warmer months rush to fill positions to handle the expected increase. Although these jobs often expire when the summer’s over, workers who excel and stand out can often move into a permanent position. Here are five places to find employment this summer.

Lawn care and pest control services
Companies are looking for people to do lawn maintenance, landscaping, to trim trees, and to eradicate the insect and other pests that arrive with the warmer weather. Often these types of companies will have positions to be filled during the winter also.

Home improvement and hardware retailers
People are beginning their summertime projects in earnest and will be flocking to these stores to buy home improvement, gardening, and lawn care supplies. Sporting goods retailers and any business that deals in outdoor goods will also be looking for help.

Theme parks
Amusement parks will be looking for a lot of people to fill positions operating rides, selling tickets, running concession stands, performing maintenance and cleanup, and perhaps even acting as costumed characters and clowns. One of the best opportunities for fun seasonal jobs.

Hotels, parks, and outdoor leisure facilities
These industries offer the best and most numerous opportunities for summer employment. Resorts and hotels are looking for housekeepers, front desk attendants, groundskeepers, kitchen personnel, and activity directors. Golf courses and swimming pools will be hiring, as well as public parks.  

Construction labor
No need to have any experience or skills, companies are always looking for seasonal help to do the simple work of a common laborer. Not easy work, but readily available