3 Ways to Turn a Bad Interview Around

You know that feeling. When you’re in an interview and things are going downhill. The interviewer seems to have lost interest in you already, and the awkward silences are getting longer and longer. Don’t lose hope. All is not lost. Here are some tactics to turn a bad interview around.

1. Get Their Attention

Capture your interviewer’s attention with this phrase: “Can I tell you something I don’t usually share?” This will get their attention because everyone in the world loves a juicy story. Their interest in you will be heightened because they’ll feel that you are letting them look behind the “curtain” of who you are.

Share something personal about yourself that makes you look good, but human, too. You could admit that you feel really nervous and you’ve had to summon up a lot of courage to go to the interview. The interviewer will see you as someone who is vulnerable and tell you you’re doing a great job.

2. Interrupt the Atmosphere

Ask to be excused for a moment to visit the loo. You’ll have a chance to compose yourself. When you return, whatever awkwardness was in the room will have dissipated, giving you an opportunity start fresh. When you come back in, be the first one to speak with a line something like, “You know I was just thinking of something about my last job I forgot to mention.” Then you can talk about a project you were successful with.

3. Change the Subject Abruptly

Notice something personal in the office, like a portrait or a painting, and ask about. For a few minutes, the conversation will turn more personal, thereby changing the direction of negativity that the interview was currently going in.

These three ways to turn an interview around will work no matter what kind of job you’re going for.

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